4 ways you can help!

Top 4 food waste fighting resources

Want to help save the planet without actually trying that hard? It’s easy. – we need to waste less food. You’d be surprised how many resources it takes to produce the massive amounts of food that ends up in our landfills.

Check out these great resources on how you can make a difference today.

     Graphic designed by Griffin Waldau and Erik Molano 

Our top 4 recommended resources for fighting food waste 

  1. Using this ultimate shelf life guide to figure out food date labels. They are confusing and result in us tossing perfectly safe food.  This website lets you type in anything! Check it out – www.stilltasty.com
  2. Natural Resources Defense is an environmental advocacy group that built a stellar website called Save the Food. Check it out!
  3. Check out Chris Vogliano’s blogpost on 8 ways you can reduce your ‘food waste footprint’ today!
  4. Request one of our insanely cool, food-waste fighting kitchen magnets.