Decode the Date

From farm to fork, American consumers are throwing away nearly 40% of all food produced. Research shows that 91% of consumers throw out food prematurely – before it goes bad. Throwing away food has contributed to climate change, has cost us billions of dollars, and is a missed opportunity to help feed food-insecure populations in our communities.

The Seattle Design Foundation (SDF) has therefore awarded Chris Vogliano and Brett Hannan our 2016 grant – Farm to Table to Cradle – for $2,500 + design mentorship to create a consumer educationcampaign around reducing wasted food.  In addition to assisting with visual design support,team members of SDF have been working with Brett and Chris to design an entire system around educating consumers on why food waste is harmful, and supply easy solutions to aid in behavior change.  The team has decided to focus their efforts on students at The University of Washington, as a recent Harvard study indicates that the younger generation (ages 18-32) are the biggest offenders of creating food waste.

We are all thrilled with the progress they have made so far. The original concept was to create a simplerefrigerator magnet that would help educate consumers on what “expiration dates” actually mean, and that they are actually not “expired” past the “use by” or “best by” on the label.  However, with the team’s powers combined, and with the design thinking process, they are creating more than just a magnet; they are designing a food paradigm shift.

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